How does the hoisting carbonization furnace achieve continuous production?

August 06, 2021

1. The configuration structure of hoisting is 1 outer furnace and 3 inner furnaces. The carbonization cycle of each furnace is 6-8 hours, and it can be carbonized three times a day.

2. Since the temperature of the finished product is higher after the carbonization is completed, it will be natural when it encounters air. To avoid safety accidents, it is necessary to reserve about 8 hours of cooling time. The longer the cooling time, the more conducive to the shrinkage of the carbon and the improvement of the quality of the carbon. (Note: If you need to speed up the cooling rate, you can pump water outside the furnace body when the temperature of the furnace body drops to 100°C to speed up the cooling rate.)

3. After the carbonization of the first furnace is completed, lift out the inner furnace and set it aside to let it cool; use the preheating of the furnace and put it into the second furnace; after the second furnace is carbonized, the first furnace will also be cooled at the same time. Put it into the third furnace at time, and so on, so as to achieve continuous production.

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