Comparative analysis of charcoal burning in earth kiln and charcoal carbonization furnace

July 19, 2021

1. Professionalism:

It may be difficult for novices to master the earth kiln, it depends on experience;

For the carbonization furnace, it is much easier to operate according to the temperature display. If there is a certain charcoal burning technology to operate the carbonization furnace, it will be easy.

2. Charcoal quality:

Most people will say that the charcoal of the earth kiln is good, because the carbonization speed of the charcoal furnace will affect the quality of charcoal. We have encountered many carbonization furnaces used by customers, and the charcoal burned is not inferior to earth kilns. Therefore, what kind of quality charcoal is made has nothing to do with what is used, mainly in terms of raw materials and firing technology.

3. Time efficiency:

Earth kiln carbonization takes a long time, and the charcoal is produced only once a week.

The carbonization can be finished in 8-10 hours in the carbonization furnace.

4. Environmental protection:

The earth kiln burns charcoal, the flue gas is large, the combustible gas cannot be used, and the environmental protection is increasing around the world, so it is imperative to switch to the carbonization furnace.

The carbonization furnace not only has a large output, but also can process production flue gas and return gas combustion, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

5. Cost investment:

The construction cost of earth kiln is relatively low, but it covers a large area and requires a lot of space and manpower to build more kilns to increase output.

The equipment investment cost of the carbonization furnace is relatively high, but it occupies a small area, is simple and easy to operate, and has low labor costs.