About us

Henan Olten Environmental Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.

Henan Olten Environmental Sci-Tech Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise focusing on the research and development and sales of charcoal making machine equipment . The factory was established in 1989 and is located in Gongyi City, Henan Province.


Company's main products are:


Crushing equipment: integrated crusher, double shaft shredder, drum chipper, disc wood crusher and hammer mill


Drying equipment: rotary drum dryer, air dryer and drying room


Carbonization equipment: continuous carbonization furnace, hoisting carbonization furnace, horizontal carbonization furnace and sawdust carbonization machine


Charcoal briquette equipment: wood briquette machine, coal stick machine, shisha charcoal press briquette machine and ball press briquette machine


The company’s personnel structure is reasonable. In order to provide better services and provide customers with better solutions, our company has more than 10 technical backbones, more than 30 production and manufacturing senior technicians, more than 20 sales and marketing personnel, management and after-sales service personnel More than 20 people.


The company has successively obtained ISO quality certification system, SGS certification, CE certification, and a number of patent certificates. Products are exported to Russia, Romania, Sweden, Poland, Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Nigeria, Zambia, Tanzania, Australia, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and many other countries.


Henan Olten Environmental Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.

company culture

professionalism, dedication, concentration

Quality determines everything, and details determine success or failure.
Customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit.
Happy work, happy life, happy growth.

Core values of the company



    The establishment of corporate reputation, the most important thing is the comprehensive quality of the product.



    The traditional virtues of the Chinese nation are the cornerstone of stablishing a corporate brand.



    Showing the spirit of the company, reflecting the higher position, greater ambition and far-sighted ability, reflecting the company's ideals and pursuits.