Wheel Mill

Wheel Mill has good mixing effect, high production efficiency, remarkable energy-saving effect, convenient installation and maintenance, good airtightness, and no environmental pollution.

Product Introduction

Wheel Mill is a model that combines wheel-rolling and mixing designed according to the advantages of the latest foreign wheel-rolling and mixing equipment. Utilize the gravity of the roller to crush and grind the materials, so that the materials can be fully integrated. Wheel Mill equipment is composed of roller, roller, plate and drive part. Suitable for mixing powder and granular materials, such as carbon powder, coal powder, clay, refractory mud, tailings sand, slag, molding sand, etc.

Product Usage

Wheel Mill is widely used in the industries of carbon powder molding, coal powder molding, non-burning bricks, autoclaved bricks, refractory materials, ceramics, building materials and other industries.

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Model Power (kw) Package Size(m)
(Width * diameter)


1400 5.5 1.8*1.8*1.7 200*550 New type (with 350 reducer)
1800 15 2.1*2.1*1.85 250*700 New type (with 400 reducer)
2000 18.5 2.3*2.3*1.95 300*750 New type (with 400 reducer)


production line

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