Why does the ash of the finished charcoal produced exceed the standard?

August 09, 2021

Why does the ash of the finished charcoal produced exceed the standard?

Excessive ash content of the finished product has a great impact on the chemical quality of the carbon. Not only can the product not be exported, but in severe cases, even domestic sales will be affected.

The main reasons for the excessive carbon ash content are as follows:

a. The raw materials are not clean.

b. The raw material itself has high ash content.

c. The carbonization temperature is high.


a. For raw materials, on the one hand, control the source of raw materials, while ensuring that the transportation process is not polluted; on the other hand, ensure that the raw materials are not polluted during the storage process.

b. Materials such as rice husks, straws, weeds, etc., have relatively large ash content, so the charcoal ash content is naturally compared. Generally speaking, such finished charcoal cannot be used in the barbecue industry, but can only be used in the industrial field.

c. If the temperature in the carbonization process is too high, the carbon element will be combined with hydrogen and oxygen to escape, so that the carbon will be relatively light. However, the ash content will not escape, and the ash content of the charcoal will increase relatively. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the temperature change during the carbonization process, which generally does not exceed 300℃.