Shisha Charcoal Briquette Machine

Smooth dense ouput
Neat briquettes
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Automatic adjustment 
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Product description

Shisha Charcoal  Briquette Machine is new upgrade to improve machine. This machine is a full-automatic machine, different with mechanical machine, the pressure is very high. This charcoal briquette making machine can be produce hookah/ shisha charcoal briquette, or BBQ charcoal briquette.Using carbonized coconut charcoal powder, bamboo, sawdust charcoal produce cube shape, cylinder shape, hexagon shape, etc. Sawdust, rice husk, coconut shell, coal powder, paraffin, etc. And hydraulic pump station structure design is reasonable, the highly centralized hydraulic valve and unique oil line design hydraulic system perfect, to reduce the leakage, to ensure that the equipment can produce long-term continuity, improve the product’s production.

Shisha Charcoal  Briquette Machine can replace various molds according to different needs. When the mold is changed, the material can be pressed into a sheet (Ф25-Ф50mm) square, cuboid, ring, rhombus, triangle, cylinder, capsule, cone, Convex, concave and other geometric shapes of products can also be suppressed with words, trademarks, patterns, etc. Pressing 6 times per minute, 50 pieces can be pressed each time, about 15,000 pieces per hour.


Working principle

The materials after bonding and mixing enter the hopper through manual or conveyor belt; the pressure is provided by the hydraulic pump station, the rear cart pushes the materials to the forming mold, the upper mold pressure head presses down, and the material is stamped and formed in a static state. The lower punching head pushes to the platform; after the cart pushes the material to the conveyor belt, and is conveyed by the conveyor belt.


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Basic features 

(1)The Shisha Charcoal Briquette Machine suitable for the production of large diameter, the filling amount of tablets.

(2)The particular design of the forced feeding device, can suppress dry and wet many kinds of materials.The inlet particle size of raw material: It must be less than 2mm, the water content should be 12%-15%.

(3)The Shisha Charcoal Briquette Machine with specially designed auxiliary equipment, can realize the automatic feed, automatically sends finished products.

(4)User-friendly design, make the pressing machine easy to clean and maintenance.

(5)The noise is low, resistance to wear.

Model Power ( kw )
Machine size
Delivery length(mm) Host packaging size(mm)
HYJ450 11+0.75*2 10800 2300 1800*1260*1800 2500*600*735



production line

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