What is the value of Biochar?

January 22, 2024

1.History of Biochar

Hundreds of years ago, Amazon Indians incorporated charcoal and organic matter into the soil to create fertile black soil, which today is known as biochar.

Today, as the world's climate and environment continue to change, We are also re-examining the value of biochar.

2.What is Biochar?

Biochar is a product obtained after thermal cracking of biomass raw materials, and its main component is carbon molecules.

Biochar is charcoal that acts as a soil conditioner, helps plants grow, has applications in agriculture, and is used for carbon capture and storage, unlike traditional charcoal used for fuel.

3.Why is it so valuable?

A.Biochar, a fine-grained, highly porous structure that helps soil retain nutrients and water, can be ploughed into the soil of crop fields to enhance its fertility and stability, while having a positive effect on improving soil disease resistance.

B.Biochar can capture and remove greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane from the atmosphere.

4.How to make Biochar?

Olten®OLT-S Carbonization Machine is the main biochar production equipment , also known as continuous biochar machine . It can process various biomass raw materials to obtain biochar. As a leading manufacturer of biochar production equipment in China,Olten®OLT-S Carbonization Machine must be your best choice.

The raw materials that meet the standard are put into the drum of the OLT-S Carbonization Machine through the conveyor, and the biochar is obtained by high temperature carbonization in a micro-oxygen environment. At the same time, by-products such as combustible gas, wood vinegar and tar are also produced in the process. Biochar quality will vary due to differences between raw materials.

Henan Olten Environmental Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.

5.What kind of raw materials are suitable for the production of biochar?

In general, all biomass raw materials can be used to produce biochar, such as wood, bamboo, sawdust, coconut husk, rice husk, as well as various types of crop straws and nut shells. Bamboo biochar, sawdust biochar and coconut shell biochar are obtained from it.

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