What is the difference between machine-made charcoal, charcoal and type charcoal?

August 25, 2021

The difference between machine-made charcoal, charcoal and type charcoal

Machine-made charcoal: a kind of artificially synthesized fuel rod, which is a kind of artificially synthesized fuel rod, which is made by extruding and processing the wood-containing scraps into the machine. There are a wide range of raw materials. Rice husks, peanut husks, cotton husks, corn cobs, corn stalks, sorghum stalks, bean stalks, sawdust, wood chips, shavings, pine husks, coconut husks, etc. can all be used as raw materials to produce bar charcoal. Wood shavings, bamboo shavings, and rice husks are the best.


①High density and long burning time.

②Heat evenly.

③No explosion.

④Low cost of raw materials and a wide range of sources.

⑤Wide range of use.

⑥Regular shape, easy to transport.


①The machine-made charcoal is compressed by a variety of materials, so it has a high ignition point and burns slowly.

②High production cost.

Charcoal: It is the dark brown or black porous solid fuel that is left over from the pyrolysis of naturally grown trees, branches or wood materials at high temperature in the absence of air.


①The combustion calorific value is large, and the heat is much.

②Low production cost.

③The food used for barbecue has fragrance and is widely used in the barbecue industry.


①Because of the single composition, the burning speed is fast and the continuous burning time is short.

② Irregular shape, not conducive to transportation.

Type charcoal: The charcoal powder, such as charcoal powder, bamboo charcoal powder, blue charcoal powder, etc., after being carbonized, is mixed with a binder, and then water is added and extruded into a charcoal rod, charcoal block or charcoal ball through a molding equipment.


①The shape can be customized, and different specifications can be made according to different requirements, regular and beautiful.

②Low production cost and low processing difficulty.

③The regular shape is convenient for packaging and transportation.

④Wide range of use.


①The degree of burning resistance is not as good as machine-made charcoal.

②Low density and short burning time.

③There are requirements for the selection of adhesives. If an unsuitable adhesive is selected, there will be a peculiar smell.