Points for attention in application of Rod making machine in charcoal machine

December 07, 2019

Hello everyone, today I will introduce to you the aspects that should be paid attention to when using the stick-making machine of the charcoal machine. The stick-making machine is the key to the series of equipment of the charcoal machine. Only by mastering the operating skills of the stick-making machine can it play an effective role Let's get to know each other!

The main component of the rod making machine :

The rod making machine is composed of frame, body, motor, heating ring of forming cylinder propulsor, constant temperature control device, etc.

Working principle and preparation before starting up :

1.  the raw material Sawdust, Rice husk and all kinds of wood scraps, waste can be crushed into a diameter of 3-5 mm or so, after drying moisture content in 8%-12% .

2.  open the machine block cover, in the upper part of the rotating box to add 2kg oil, motor installation, the belt should not be too tight or too loose, too tight easy to damage the belt, too loose belt slip idling, empty machine test to see the motor is turning back, reverse the head can be.

3.  Warm Up. Material Ready, motor installation ready, start preheating, the thermometer set at about 350 degrees, the thermometer needle reached 350 degrees, automatically from no longer heating, to the temperature, both inside and outside the constant power can be discharged bar.

4.  When cutting, first a small amount of material, such as normal operation of the machine can be normal after the material, the machine sound is stable, the finished bar can go out evenly, if the load is large, the sound is not normal, the semi-finished bar goes out slowly or stops, indicating that the hopper is blocked (no tree bark or wood residue in stock preparation) , use a fine wooden stick to gently poke the stock opening.

5.  Temperature. To master the temperature is also to feel around in the actual operation process. Different materials have different temperatures, and different materials use different temperatures. The aim is to get the Rod out smoothly with a certain pressure, with a smooth surface as the goal, and the temperature is lowered from high to low bit by bit Do not cause the phenomenon of easy to cool and difficult to warm up, until the normal out of the Rod.

6.  Dos and don'ts. In the normal production process of the rod-making machine, the stand before the Rod outlet is strictly forbidden, in order to avoid shooting injury, electrical damage or bad contact, please electrician or know electrician personnel repair, bearing oil injection hole often refuel.

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