How to reduce the ash content in the finished charcoal of carbonization equipment

July 07, 2021

The amount of ash in the finished carbon of the carbonization equipment mainly depends on the type of material. According to different materials, the ash content of the finished carbon after carbonization is also different.

Under normal circumstances, less than 5% is in line with the carbonization standard.

How to reduce the ash content in charcoal (the following method will only reduce it to a certain extent, and cannot be a decisive factor)

① During the carbonization process, the temperature rise should be uniform, the dehumidification process should be slow, and the temperature rise should not be too fast.

② The carbonization temperature should be uniform.

③ The carbonization time should not be too long. The judgment method mainly depends on the return gas volume. If the return gas is no longer generated, the carbonization is basically completed.