Explanation about charcoal related issues

September 23, 2021

Explanation about charcoal related issues

1. Is charcoal difficult to ignite?

Will not. First of all, make sure that charcoal is dry, and secondly, the main component of charcoal is carbon. The ash content is basically about 5%, and the ignition point of carbon is about 300 degrees Celsius, which is easy to ignite.

In the initial ignition, wax can be used to support combustion, which is environmentally friendly and is conducive to rapid combustion.

2. Is there an open flame when charcoal is burning?

Whether it is machine-made charcoal or charcoal powder molding, there is no open flame for its combustion.

Whether there is a flame during combustion depends on whether there is flammable gas during combustion, if there is a flame, if there is no flame, there is no flame. Charcoal is produced by high-temperature treatment of firewood, and the combustible gas in it has been completely released. Therefore, the charcoal no longer produces flames when it is burned.

If there is a flame, the raw material is not charcoal, it should be coal.

3. Can the sulfurized substances in charcoal be completely removed?

The sulfide in charcoal cannot be completely removed. The biomass material is dehumidified, thermally decomposed and carbonized under dry distillation and oxygen-free heating. In this process, the sulfide will decompose and form a gas for discharge, which is processed by our purification equipment. Will not cause harm to the environment. But there will still be sulfide residues in the material. This proportion is about 0.4%, which is in full compliance with the charcoal industry standard, and it is impossible to completely remove it.